Call for Papers

We cordially invite participants of the Berlin Symposium 2017 to submit proposals for workshops (w), sub-plenaries (SP) and paper presentations (PP) for consideration by the Scientific Committee (SC).

It is important to link your proposal to the themes of the Symposium:

Tuesday – Migration and Memory
Wednesday – Inclusion and Exclusion: We and the Other
Thursday – Migration, Globalization and Transnationalism
Friday – The Praxis of Group Analysis: our Clinical Work
Saturday – One Group Analysis or Many?

There are two different times for these each day.
From 2 – 3.30 pm or 4 – 5.30 pm: 90 minutes each afternoon

Please choose a suitable format for your contribution. The SC may put together three contributions for a PP according to the number of rooms available and content of papers offered.

The Call for Papers is closed by 24th of April 2017.

The Different Formats for your Proposals are:


Oral presentations which may include audiovisual support. The presenters have 30 minutes to present their material and will be responded to (20 minutes) by a discussant nominated either by the SC or the presenters. The chair of the sub-plenary will have 10 minutes to summarize the main issues that arise and then open the discussion to the floor. Sub-plenaries may vary in length with the themes continuing over more than one day.

Paper Presentations

Offer space for up to three contributions on similar themes. Each contributor, facilitated by the chair, can give a short presentation of 20 minutes. The chair will then coordinate a discussion between the contributors and their audience – 30 minutes. The panel of contributors may choose their own Chairperson.


Are more experiential. They offer shorter theoretical material which will then be illustrated by discussion and, sometimes, exercises as well. The presenters are expected to encourage participants to share thoughts and experiences in a more informal way.