Workshops, Friday 18.08.2017

1.45 – 3.15

Preliminary programme.
Subject to change without notice.

Room 6

166 (2)
Katrin Stumptner, Christa Franke, Dietlind Köhncke

Crossing borders – in all sensual qualities: body, sound, rhythm, image and words in dialogue
(Workshop only for members of the orchestra)

Room 13

Petra Herwig

Painting as complementary therapy for psychodynamic group therapy

Room 14

113 (1)
Jale Cilasun, Lawrence Ladden

Contemplative median group

Room KS1

Giovanna Cantarella, Bettina Fink

Experiential workshop

Transgenerational perspectives in women life (EATGA methology)
(max. 12 participants)

Room KS2

Einar Gudmundsson

Sibling relationships in group analysis

Room KS3

Sima Ariam

The use of actual mirrors as means to find “sameness” and overcome “otherness” in times of crossing borders social, cultural and clinical challenges

Room KS4

Ronnie Levine

Becoming comfortable with uncomfortable feelings

Room KS5

Angela Schmidt-Bernhardt, Renate Jorkowski

Group analysis and education cultural diversity, cultural boundaries and confusion of identity. Workshop for social workers, teachers and supervisors

Room KS6

Liat Warhaftig Aran

The forbidden talk – the contribution of the conductor’s self-disclosure – a supervision workshop

Room KS7

Joan Fogel, Belinda Moller

Do teachers need or want group analysis?

Room KS8

Robert M. Moore, Kathleen Hubbs Ulman

Reflexive group supervision: An affect focused model

Room KS9

242 (1)
Herzel Yogev

“Let us talk peace“ – The role of group analysts in conflict groups

Room 5

080 (1)
Rachel Abramovicz Chejanovsky, Svein Tjelta, Marina Mojovic, Carmen O‘Leary, Robi Friedman

From Babel to Polyphony – Group Analytic Dictionary (1st session)

Room 12

129 (1)
Ido Peleg, Linde Wotton, Marit Joffe-Milstein, Tiziana Baisini

Novelty, harmony and invention: listening to the music of the group

Room 15

Cornelia Krause-Girth

Mirroring group for leadlerless groups – invited are all participants of leaderless groups and interested others