Workshops, Friday 18.08.2017

3.45 – 5.15

Preliminary programme.
Subject to change without notice.

Room 11

Cornelia Krause-Girth, Erhard Tietel

Leaderless groups within the training institute GRAS in Germany

Room 2

Joseph Acosta

Languaging our internal responses: Establishing the foundations of emotional connection in psychotherapy groups

Room 3



232 Kristian Valbak
239 Bernhard Strauss
202 Steinar Lorentzen
240 Christer Sandahl

Discussion on research in group psychotherapy – mutual interests or different worlds?

Room 6

Bracha Hadar

Who is sitting in the circle? Body, mind or bodymind?

Room 13

Thor Kristian Island

”Did you really say that?” Self disclosure, trust and shame in the supervision matrix

Room 14

113 (2)
Jale Cilasun, Lawrence Ladden

Contemplative median group

Room KS2

Andreas von Wallenberg Pachaly

Group analysis with victims of extreme traumatization

Room KS3

Working with children

Leah Chaikin

Crossing the borders of therapeutic languages

Room KS6

Working with children

Anja Khalil, Carla Maria Weber

Stumbling at the first step – Existential fears in children group analysis

Room KS7

Richard Beck

Trauma, group and human resiliency: how culture influences and informs both our interventions and our self-care

Room KS9

242 (2)
Herzel Yogev

“Let us talk peace“ – The role of group analysts in conflict groups

Room 5

080 (2)
Rachel Abramovicz Chejanovsky, Svein Tjelta, Marina Mojovic, Carmen O‘Leary, Robi Friedman

From Babel to Polyphony – Group Analytic Dictionary

Room 12

129 (2)
Ido Peleg, Linde Wotton, Marit Joffe-Milstein, Tiziana Baisini

Novelty, harmony and invention: listening to the music of the group