Workshops, Saturday 19.08.2017

1.45 – 3.15

Preliminary programme.
Subject to change without notice.

Room 13

David Glyn, Peter Zelaskowski

Writing the group – a phenomenographic workshop

Room KS1

Maria Papanastassiou, Alan Larney

Group analytically informed Balint groups

Room KS2

Claudia Arlo

DBT and group psychotherapy: an integrative lens

Room KS3

John Schlapobersky, Svein Tjelta

Making a difference to difference two group analytic authors interview each other about words in group analysis

Room KS4

Liat Warhaftig Aran

Crossing the border to uncharted waters – the contribution of group analysis to the working through of love and passion

Room KS5

025 (1)
Angela Schmidt-Bernhardt

Creative writing in group analysis

Room KS6

Anne Mccarthy

Culturally induced shame in pregnancy a group analytic response

Room KS7

Roberta Mineo, Andreas Silva

Closing borders and opening boundaries

Room 3

063 (1)
Peter Potthoff, Michael, Lacher, Fotini Tilkeridou-Wolf, Dominique Mylona, Nikos Lamnidis, Sofia Maria Moraitu

Workshop on psychoanalysis and group analysis

Room 6

144 (1)
Marina Mojovic, Marita Barthel-Rösing

Group analytic “music” in harmony and disruptions across GASi landscapes. Listening, playing, reflecting & dreaming the future of relationships among our fields

Room 12

Monique Leferink op Reinink

Crossing borders: how the body shapes the mind