Workshops, Saturday 19.08.2017

3.45 – 5.15

Preliminary programme.
Subject to change without notice.

Room 13

David Glyn, Regine Scholz, Tija Despotovic, Bessy Karagianni, Denisa Schukova

GASi summer school bridging workshop

Room KS2

Anca Ditroi, Bruce Oppenheimer

Crossing borders and being crossed: the matrix of conference

Room KS3

Johanna Winkler

Application and further development of group therapy mediated by several interpreters for refugee patients from different cultural backgrounds

Room KS4

Mogens Petersen

Nighttrain to Berlin – a workshop on Heglian logic and group-analysis

Room KS5

025 (2)
Angela Schmidt-Bernhardt

Creative writing in group analysis

Room 3

063 (2)
Peter Potthoff, Michael Lacher, Fotini Tilkeridou-Wolf, Dominique Mylona, Nikos Lamnidis, Sofia Maria Moraitu

Workshop on psychoanalysis and group analysis

Room 6

144 (2)
Marina Mojovic, Marita Barthel-Rösing

Group analytic ”music” in harmony and disruptions across GASI landscapes. Listening, playing, reflecting & dreaming the future of relationships among our fields

Room 12

Michael Tait

An exploration of the meaning of boundary