Workshops, Thursday 17.08.2017

1.45 – 3.15

Preliminary programme.
Subject to change without notice.

Room 4

Aisha Balola, Maaly Gurashi

Group analytic experience in Karthoum/ Sudan il Karthoum/ Sudan

Room KS1

Leah Chaikin, Gila Ofer

The four levels of communication group analysis and in the Kabalah

Room KS2

035 (1)
Joanna Skowronska, Angela Schmidt-Bernhardt

Poland and Germany – borders in history and in our minds; free floating discussion is the way of crossing psychological borders

Room KS3

Konstantinos Morogiannis, Anastasios Koukis

Towards a new group-analytic model

Room KS4

Michael Tait

”Meet and match the moment of hope” (Winnicott)

Room 7


Aleš Vápenka, Kerstin Frommhold, Hanna Reinhardt-Bork

Coach to Vienna (Kočar do Vidnĕ, 1966, Czechoslovakia)
German with English subtitles

A group analytic film on the reception and perception of the illusory boundary between good and evil

Room 5

099 (1)
Johannes Brachthäuser, Yvonne Brandl, Dorothee Dietrich, Regina Klein and guests

Bordercrosser’s experience – participative creation of transformational spaces

Room 13

081 (1)
Oded Handel, Tammy Elad

”Life without music would be a mistake” (Nietzsche)

Room 14

110 (1)
Stephan Heyne, Beate Grunert-Baillet

Talking without words