Workshops, Thursday 17.08.2017

3.45 – 5.15

Preliminary programme.
Subject to change without notice.

Room KS1

Claire Gerada

Healing doctors through groups

Room KS2

035 (2)
Joanna Skowronska, Angela Schmidt-Bernhardt

Poland and Germany – borders in history and in our minds; free floating discussion is the way of crossing psychological borders

Room KS3

Sue Lieberman

Migration history, lost memory

Room KS4

Stefan Ceronvina, Sanja Dimitrijevic, Marijana Ajdukovic, Pavle Milosevic

Reflective citizen matrix in post-factual world

Room 7


Aleš Vápenka, Kerstin Frommhold, Hanna Reinhardt-Bork

Coach to Vienna (Kočar do Vidnĕ, 1966, Czechoslovakia)
German with English subtitles

Discussion of the resonance of the film

Room 5

099 (2)
Johannes Brachthäuser, Yvonne Brandl, Dorothee Dietrich, Regina Klein and guests

Bordercrosser’s experience – participative creation of transformational spaces

Room 6

166 (1)
Katrin Stumptner, Christa Franke, Dietlind Köhncke

Crossing borders – in all sensual qualities: body, sound, rythm, image and words in dialogue (Workshop only for members of the orchestra)

Room 13

081 (2)
Oded Handel, Tammy Elad

”Life without music would be a mistake” (Nietzsche)

Room 14

110 (2)
Stephan Heyne, Beate Grunert-Baillet

Talking without words