Workshops, Wednesday 16.08.2017

1.45 – 3.15

Preliminary programme.
Subject to change without notice.

Room 4

Working with children

Ute Schaich

Diversity aware work with groups of children in institutions of early day care (0–3 years)

Room 12

Annegret Körber

How do group dynamics sound? The group as an elementary orchestra

Room KS1

Farideh Dizadij, Shahin Nawai

When does a revolution start?
A reflection on feminist movements in Middle East: what can be learnt from Iranian and Arab feminists?

Room KS2

Leyla Navaro, Yael Doron

Whispers of the ”Untold Known”

Room KS3

Frances Griffiths, Teresa von Sommaruga Howard

Impassable borders, gender and finance: Blind spots or spots before our eyes?

Room KS4

Jale Cilasun, Maria Papanastassiou, Andy Thomas

Large group in training: Inclusion and exclusion in identity formation

Room KS5

Marcia Honig

The art of building bridges: from boundaries to bonding

Room 2

133 (1)
Mary Spreng-Courtney, Rudolf Olivieri

Trumpism in us – crossing borders between the virtual and the real

Room 3

075 (1)
Adrienne Candy, Eve-Marie Kimmerling

“The Near Impossibility of We” (Exploration)
(1st session)

Applied Group Analysis Case Study: A Team in Conflict; two consultants hired separately (unknown to each other).
How breaking boundaries was central to creating a Container.

Room 14

Helge Jannink

Shame as the common third – reflexions on sex education in groups of minor refugees