Workshops, Wednesday 16.08.2017

3.45 – 5.15

Preliminary programme.
Subject to change without notice.

Room 6

Kathrin Albert, Michal Eilon

What to do with our phantasies about the others? How to manage the social experiences of our ancestors and of the past? One German and one Israelic perspective

Room 12

Ofra Faiman

Bridge over troubled waters – how to cross it safely with the help of social drama experiences

Room KS1

James Conway

Is how we practice dynamic administration anti-group and based on myth?

Room KS2

Kalliopi Panagiotopoulou

Strangers in the same homeland

Room 2

133 (1)
Mary Spreng-Courtney, Rudolf Olivieri

Trumpism in us – crossing borders between the virtual and the real

Room 3

075 (1)
Adrienne Candy, Eve-Marie Kimmerling

“The Near Impossibility of We” (Experiential)
(2nd session)

Applied Group Analysis Case Study: A Team in Conflict; two consultants hired separately (unknown to each other). How breaking boundaries was central to creating a Container.

Room 14

Bracha Hadar, Orit Mass-Goldmann

From exclusion to inclusion: the inner ability to grow in a process of transformation