Keynote Speakers

Tuesday, August 15th

Prof. Aleida Assmann

Professor of Literary and Cultural Studies at the University of Konstanz.
Her specific interests cluster around the History of German Memory since 1945 and the Theories of Memory.
She has been working on a research project entitled “The Past in the Present: Dimensions and Dynamics of Cultural Memory.”


Dr. Sue Lieberman

She is a Group Analyst and Psychotherapist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is the author of: “After Genocide: How Ordinary Jews face the Holocaust”, 2015 Karnac, which looks at the continuing transmitted trauma in the UK and “Missing: Emotion, Space and Society” , 2016 Elsevier

Wednesday, August 16th

Prof. Vamik D. Volkan

Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia and an Emeritus Training and Supervising Analyst at the Washington Psychoanalytic Institute. He is the President Emeritus of International Dialogue Initiative (IDI), which he established in 2007. Since 1987 he is working on issues of national and international conflicts. His new book –
Immigrants and Refugees: Trauma, Perennial Mourning, Prejudice, and Border Psychology, published by Karnac Jan 2017.


Dr. Thomas Mies

Sociologist, Chair of the Scientific Committee of the D3G (German Society for Group Analysis and Group Psychotherapy), Co-Editor of the „Zeitschrift für Gruppen-psychotherapie und Gruppendynamik“, Group Analytic Trainer, Clinical Supervisor and Theoretical Supervisor.

Thursday, August 17th

Prof. Elisabeth Rohr

Professor for Intercultural Education at the University of Marburg and a Group Analyst. Her scientific focus is on migration and she has worked extensively in Guatemala and Palestine.

Dick Blackwell

He is a Consultant Group and Family Psychotherapist at the Baobab Centre in London for young survivors in exile and has worked clinically, for many years, with asylum seekers and people who have been tortured.

Friday, August 18th

Dr. Catherine Gransard

She has a Doctorate in Psychology and works at the Centre Georges Devereux, in the field of Ethnopsychiatry with families. These are families who have had to leave their country are living between two countries, between two cultures and often between two religions as well.

Hanni Biran

She is a Group Analyst at the Israeli Institute of Group Analysis. She will address in her clinical lecture a topic related to the theme of the Symposium.

Saturday, August 19th

Dr. Farhad Dalal

is a Training Group Analyst who works in Exeter and Totnes, Devon. He is also visiting Professor at the PHD School, Open University of Holland.

Dr. Dalal has been developing group analytic theory for many years and will draw on themes from his last book : “Thought Paralysis: The Virtues of Discrimination”, published 2011, Karnac Books


Prof. Hermann Staats

is Sigmund-Freud Professor for Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology and Head of the Family Centre at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and chair of the Working Party for Group Psychotherapy and Group Analysis (Goettingen).