1. Bike and Hike the Wall

In concert with the Symposium’s theme of crossing borders we have organized a 3-day bike and hike expedition around the Berlin Wall. The Wall is a symbol of the consequences of failed dialogue. We will practice dialogue on our expedition around the Wall with a group of international colleagues. Each day we will begin with a social dreaming matrix and end with a median group that will be co-convened by Dale Godby from the USA and Teresa von Sommaruga Howard from New Zealand and England. See the attached information on how to enroll. Correspond through the email addresses above with Dale Godby for the biking and Julie Howley for the hiking.

By Dale C Godby, PhD, ABPP, CGP, FAGPA – Bike
From Dallas, Texas United States
Email Address:

By Julie Howley, MSc in Leadership and Management Development RCSI; Diploma in Group Analysis IGA London; Diploma in Social Work CCETSW, Diploma in Child Care (Distinction) NCEA – Hike
From Dublin, Ireland

2. Crossing Language (and Other) Borders in a Continuous Online Group

The Continuous Online Group (COG) is an opportunity to experience and learn about online group dynamics. The event shares commonalities, e.g., the appearance of broader social themes, with unstructured large groups. Members may repeat personal patterns, be surprised by the strength of their reactions and connections, and develop a sense of how the online medium can both facilitate and restrain group and member development.

With automated translation, members may post in, and have messages from others translated into, the language of their choice. Technology helps us to cross language (and other) barriers.

Online groups also differ from groups that meet in person. Members have more control over how they present themselves (for example, they may participate under pseudonyms or even “lurk” invisibly) and may be disinhibited (for example, they may self disclose or act out more), interaction is “asynchronous” (not in real time) and “threaded” (about multiple topics at the same time), and a transcript is automatically generated and available for analysis during the group.

The group is convened 24/7 from 7 Aug through 24 Aug. It is open to GASi, BIG, and D3G members even if they do not come to Berlin and to previous COG participants even if they are not members of GASi, BIG, or D3G.

By Robert Hsiung, MD; Vincenzo Sinisi, MA, CGP; Jeffrey D. Roth, MD, CGP, FAGPA
From: US; South Africa; US