Cultural Events and Projects

August 17th
1.45 – 3.15 pm
3.45 – 5-15 pm

The Czechoslovakian film ”Coach to Vienna” (Kocár do Vidne, 1966)

with subtitles in English – as it echoes the themes of the Symposium will be moderated by Alès Vapenka.

A Group Reflection at 3.45 pm will follow in a second session.

August 17th
8.15 – 10.30 pm

The German film ”Pioneers of Group Analysis” (136 mns)

Room Maritim, public viewing
The German premiere of Wilhelm Rösing and Marita Barthel-Rösing’s
about Liesel Hearst and Malcolm Pines, at which both Liesel
Hearst and Malcolm Pines will be present.

August 19th
8.30 – 10.00 pm

Concert of the German Scandinavian Youth Philharmonics, Premiere

(walking distance to the Maritim: 10 minutes)
The orchestra is conducted by Andreas Peer Kähler and will have a Master Class during the Symposium. 25 young musicians have been commissioned to develop a musical event that captures the spirit of our Symposium, Crossing Borders.
The concert is free for all participants.

August 15th

August 19th

Exhibition ”Eyes”

The Exhibition ‚Eyes‘ – pictures of Ukrainian children will be shown during the whole conference.

Julia Vynnytska will give a lecture on Thursday to the concept of RaDity, a therapeutic Setting for children of war in Ukraine. The authors created an original conception for rehabilitation of children who‘s parents died or were fighting in the war at the eastern part of Ukraine. „Prostir RaDity“ is situated in the Carpathians mountains. Two art therapy collections of children’s works ‘Bodies’ and ‘Eyes’ are the most creative results of camp activities. Both exhibitions were presented in Lviv and Kyiv galleries and in the UN building (by special invitation). The exhibition of ‚Eyes‘ will be on display in the Maritim Hotel.